Reckless Driving charges happen to everyone from high school students to senior citizens.  The Walker Law Firm, PLC has local Loudoun County Reckless Driving lawyers who can help you beat or reduce your Reckless Charge.  We use our local knowledge to better assist our clients.  

Maybe you were running late for work and went a little faster than normal.  Perhaps you had the cruise control set and the officer was waiting at the bottom of that big hill.  If you want to hire someone who has a great working relationship with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office of Loudoun County, you have come to the right place.  

Every Reckless Driving conviction carries 6 negative points on your license and gives you a permanent criminal record.  Insurance companies use the points on your license to determine how much your premium costs.  Each negative point on your license can drastically increase your insurance payments.  A criminal record makes it that much more difficult to get a job.  

The DMV also keeps track of how many points you are racking up.  If you obtain too many points in a period of time, the DMV can take your license away.  

The court has the ability to punish those caught speeding in several different ways.  The court can fine you a great deal of money, suspend your Virginia driver’s license for several months and in some cases sentence you up to twelve months in jail.  Once your insurance company finds out about your speeding ticket, they will increase your premium payments drastically. 

Each point could cost you thousands of dollars over time.
Our Reckless Driving Lawyers are very successful at reducing your charge from a Class One Misdemeanor to a simple traffic infraction. 

The Walker Law Firm, PLC charges a flat fee for Speeding Ticket offenses.  

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